We experienced a new failure mode today with one of our application firewalls. It started returning errors to some customer requests from the Internet at approximately 11:46 AM EST. The issue, while seriously affecting some customer organizations, was not detected via our multiple monitoring systems.  However based on some issues we were able to see, we re-started the affected application firewall at 12:09 PM EST. The resulting re-convergence of load balancing that occurred affected the other application firewall starting at approximately 12:12 PM EST and ending by 12:19 PM EST. All services returned to normal production availability via the originally affected application firewall by 12:22 PM EST.  The aggregate time during which any customer organizations were affected by the issue was 36 minutes.

We are taking corrective actions to detect the memory fragmentation issue that caused inbound requests to fail on the affected application firewall. We will update our monitoring systems to alert us of this issue prior to inbound requests being rejected, so that we can remediate the issue without customer organizations being affected.

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- Your Solutions Team

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