There are a few things to know about using SureFiles from a wireless connection. The main issue is that you are not likely to automatically get your connection to the gateway as you do when you are connected through the wire. This is because your wireless connection generally takes some time to start up and is not fast enough to be ready for the Citrix Access Gateway client.

If, when you startup, everything works just as it does when you are connected, great! You're ready to go. If it doesn't, you'll generally get this error

In this case, this error points correctly to the problem - you need to check your Internet connection, which probably hasn't finished getting connected yet. Once your wireless connection has been made, you can go to and connect to SureFiles using the steps in the Getting Started documentation.

If you have a shortcut to a shared drive and you double click on it before going through the Getting Started steps, you most likely will get the error shown below

This just means you need to go through the Getting Started steps.