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Safe Internet Use Tips


A client recently went to a meeting where he assumed an email he sent had arrived at his client's inbox. When he learned it did not, he became alarmed and called us.

We investigated and found the email in his outbox, but because it was over 4MB, the end recipient's email box would not accept it.

I thought it important to highlight some key email tips in the current world of spam blocking email inbox overload: We offer best in class email solutions for you. It’s simply the nature of email now (versus 5 years ago) that with so much spam and in turn spam software email is not as reliable as it once was. The vast majority of all email sent every day is actually spam, if you can believe it! A few good measures to follow to ensure your message gets across are:

  • Never send large files through email. Always transfer them with a DropBox type service or a Thumb Drive
  • If you send a mission critical message, be sure to call to follow up that it has been received
  • Having two or more copies in different places, including in your pocket is always best