Hackers and exploits and viruses, oh my!

The recent WannaCry ransomware virus outbreak has a lot of people wondering how to keep themselves safe from hackers. There will be the usual folks who say you should stay away from Windows machines because they are the only ones with vulnerabilities. Or that it's all the NSA's fault ...

Datacenter Highlights

SureTech.com partners exclusively with US Based Tier 4 datacenters.    Minimum requirements for any customer data location are listed below - most of our services currently run exclusively in Azure or AWS east.   Reliable Seven dedicated electrical feeds Powered by five different substations Connected to multiple transfer ...

Is My Email Hacked or Is it "Phishing"?

Email Hacking     We are seeing an increase in the number of incidents where criminals are specifically targetting the Finance or HR departments at companies to gain funds or personal data.  What to look out for:   You receive an email that appears to be from someone senior at your ...

How do I Protect from Ransomware

Ransome Ware We are seeing an increase in the number of incidents where:   ·         You receive an email asking you to click on a link or open attachment.  NEVER DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE WHO THE SENDER IS AND YOU ARE EXPECTING THE EMAIL. ·         The message ...

Why Centralized Management of AntiVirus

Is Your Anti Virus Protecting You?    Data security, access and redundancy are our number one priroty for our customers.  No AntiVirus is full proof, but having SureTech centrally manage the antivirus for our customers adds a layer of protection that truly pays off.   For example, ...

Windows 10 is Here..What Should I Do?

Windows 10 is Here..What Should I Do?    Windows 10 is Here  You've probably heard about the new version of Windows about to be released by Microsoft, Windows 10.  And you may have even seen a little icon displayed at the bottom right of your screen which allows you to “Get Windows 10”.   SureTech ...

VOIP Protections in Lieu of Hacking

Voice Over IP (aka VOIP) is a great way to run phone systems.  There are some security needs to be aware of in using these sytems - VOIP Phone system hacking concerns hit the front page of the NY Times.   To ensure your company is protected, SureTech recommends several ...

Apple iOS 8 Upgrade issues with MS Exchange

There has been a lot of buzz (mostly great) about Apple’s latest upgrades.  Unfortunately it also appears that the new iOS 8 upgrade has certain connectivity problems that could cause MS Exchange email to not function correctly on upgraded iPhones or iPads.  The latest iOS 8.2 update ...

Internet Explorer Flaw - Latest Web Browser Security Hole

INTERNET EXPLORER FLAW - LATEST WEB BROWSER SECURITY HOLE   IF YOU HAVE TO EXPLORE, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION   Background Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has been exploited by the “Operation Clandestine Fox” attack starting on April 26, 2014 - See Business Week article for more details.   This is just ...

New SharePoint Service

New SharePoint ServiceWe’re excited to announce that SureTech.com has a new product!  Our Hosted Exchange SureMail™ service now has the ability to provide SharePoint to our clients.   What is Sharepoint: SharePoint is a feature of our hosted Exchange SureMail™ product and can be provisioned for SureMail™ Advanced users if the ...

SureTech Wins Business Plan Contest at WOBI

Dana Molina, COO of SureTech.com, delivered the winning business pitch at WOBI’s Entrepreneurial Networking Conference “Business on Edge: Igniting Your Vision with Barbara Corcoran.” Ms. Molina was selected out of two hundred participants to compete in delivering a live pitch to a panel of Entrepreneurs, including Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s hit reality show Shark Tank. Ms. Molina's pitch was chosen as the winner out of the three presenters.

Li-Lac Chocolates Launches New Website

This week SureTech.com launched Li-Lac Chocolate’s new webstore, www.Li-LacChocolates.com. Be sure to check out their unique chocolate creations - just in time for Halloween! Li-Lac Chocolates has been a Greenwich Village icon since 1923. During the past 90 years...

Aspetuck Land Trust Launches New Website

This week SureTech.com launched Aspetuck Land Trust’s new website. Check out some great land preserves in Connecticut, read about their guided hikes, donate, volunteer, protect land, or just say hello! Fully detailed preserve pages featuring history, maps, and easy-to-follow directions will get you excited about exploring the great outdoors again.

Communiversity Day

Communiversity Day SureTech.com is proud to be a presenting sponsor of Communiversity, a wonderful festival day in downtown Princeton which will be held this year on April 28, 2012 from noon to 5 pm.  Communiversity will feature more than 200 artists, crafters, merchants along with live entertainment on 5 ...

Get on Schedule with Suretech

SureTech has been hard at work creating a web-based application class-scheduling needs. We understand the need for a simple and effective class scheduler app, so here it is!

Arts Council of Princeton's Dining by Design

SureTech.com is proud to be a presenting sponsor of the 10th Annual Arts Council of Princeton's Dining by Design event on November 5, 2011. 

This unique event supports ACP's community education and outreach programs including ArtReach and Arts Exchange programs.  

We hope you can join us at this lovely event.   

-The SureTech.com Team

Smartphone Apps - Like Dates, Good to Know Where They've Been

The new HTC Droid security flaw proves that when you download an open-source app, you're inviting the developers into your home, taking off their shoes, and giving them a foot massage (so to speak.) 

Great Networking Event...and Wine Too!

The BNI Tigers Networking Group is hosting a Wine Tasting Networking event on Wednesday, Oct 12th 2011.  Come say hello to your friends at SureTech and meet some other great area businesses.  Click HERE to register.   

Upcoming Talk at General Assembly

I'm giving a talk at General Assembly in NYC on Oct 6th about making software faster. It's something I really enjoy working on and talking about so I hope to see you there. If you want to sign-up, you can go to http://softwarespeed.eventbrite.com/.

Join Us At The Princeton Trade Fair


SureTech.com is proud to support the 30th Annual Princeton Trade Fair this Monday, Sept 26th 2011.  This event will be held at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village and goes from 11 am to 4 pm.  Come say hello to your friends at SureTech and meet some of our Business Solutions partners and clients (you can also get some good eats - see who'll be there!)

Armstrong Industrial Hose Launches New Garden Hose Line

We created an ecommerce website for Amstrong Industrial Hose's new garden hose line.  Fun colors of hose and great durable product.    


SureTech.com receives Pride of the Arts Council Business Award

The Arts Council of Princeton Awards SureTech.com the Pride of the Arts Council Business Award.  The award ceremony will take place at the Arts Council's annual meeting on Thursday, June 16 at 7 PM.

Bin Laden Facebook Hack Attack

Beware Criminals Using Bin Laden for Email, Facebook Hack Attack For getting attention, the only thing more reliable than a train reck is a historic international train wreck like the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Looking at the bloody pictures is so natural, impuslive and reliable that criminals have a ...

Pinning Down the Cloud

Pinning Down the Cloud   Potential customers say to us all the time as we describe our services "So THAT'S what cloud computing means."  Cloud computing can really mean lots of different things to people, but most basically it is a hosted solution to a technology need that traditinally resided on a local ...

The Future Is Here

One of these days I'd love someone to tell me the story of how Minority Report got ahold of the UI for the iPhone 5 years before the iPhone was released...

SureTech.com Launches South Jersey Works Website

SureTech.com Launches South Jersey Works WebsiteWe are pleased to have supported the exciting and valuable initiative, South Jersey Works, which is an association of the libraries in the 7 counties of Southern New Jersey specifically focused on promoting and supporting job seekers in that area find the resources they need to get jobs.  The website ...

AdKeeper Duh - Of course I needed that

Where was that ad again? I always hate ads that distract from good content - except when it's that one thing I'm interested in.  But that's not when I want to look at it! In the old days when we only had to keep track of 7 things a week, ...

Avoiding Great Service but Bad Value

Avoiding Great Service but Bad Value13 Hours and $1,400.00 To upgrade my Hard Drive?!?   We’ve always said that Managed Services for IT is usually a flawed business model.  Pretty much the better job you do the less you make.  Kinda like lawyers, I guess, except at least we talk about ...

Antoine Amrani Chocolates Launches New Shopping Cart

We just helped Antoine Amrani Chocolates launch a new shopping cart so check it out and enjoy!  

As chocolate lovers, we could not be happier to support a client that makes the most exquisite and delectable chocolate we've ever had.