Welcome to your ready-to-go, all in one VoIP business phone system.

A high-end PBX, with phone service, and using VoIP for the wonderful fusion of phone, messaging, and computer.

The fixed monthly cost is less than you pay now for phone service alone!

Why SurePhones?

SurePhones brings together your business communications tools into one system in which the tools (office phones, cell phones, email, fax work together seamlessly. You get more done because it is all smoothly linked.

At the same time, you get the kind of high end PBX phone system that does more and works better than most businesses can afford. has the VoIP and computer expertise necessary to make it work right away and keep it working. And we deliver it ready to go.


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Why is this VoIP so Great?


  • Get VoIP that just works, instead of needing many adjustments.
  • Manage calls online, at your office phone, cell phone.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook for calling, faxing, contacts.
  • Upgrades: You never get stuck with old technology, hardware, or software.
  • Regular upgrades to new hardware and the newest software are built in. You never get stuck with old technology, or an old system.
  • Click your calls to: reject, send to voicemail, or send instant voice message.


  • Never miss a call, a message, or a fax. It all goes where ever you tell it. Instant notification of messages and faxes delivered to your PCs, cell phones or email
  • Message and fax notifications sent to cell phones, email, etc. Your choice.
  • Using the Internet, we connect you to our high-end equipment, our highly trained staff, our system for monitoring and managing systems. You only pay for the little piece that you use, and enjoy economies of scale
  • Our qualified technicians can have your system up and running Unlike other VoIP, no hardware to fail, replace, manage, or adjust. the professional greetings you want the high-functioning telecommunications system your growing company demands.


  • Turn any phone, anywhere, into a full business extension
  • Connect all your employees anywhere as if they are in the same office
  • Get a professional, "big company" sound and set up, or any other
  • Access all business calls and messaging through one system reached multiple ways
  • always promptly available for changes.
  • Create the extensions you need.

With SurePhones there is one monthly bill for an unlimited number of extensions. You decide who you want to talk to, we’ll handle the rest.

With SurePhones (tm) get a single toll free or local number (or you can keep the number you currently have) that accepts fax and voice messages 24x7 and saves them in your online account.

Messages can be accessed online or over the phone, and can even be emailed to multiple addresses, providing even greater work efficiency.


"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, RingCentral!!!!"
Cheryl Dillon, Efficient Technology, Inc.

PC Magazine:

“RingCentral outshines both Avaya/Netgear and Microsoft.” Editors Choice, January 2008