Bringing your reliable, secure information tools anywhere your authorized team needs to be.

SNAP AV Complete Antivirus

SNAP AV Complete AntivirusSNAP™ Complete Antivirus Protection Service Capture maximum ROI by maintaining the best defense against inevitable attacks.  Reduce your security licensing costs and on-premise capital investments by leveraging’s expertise and infrastructure. Switch to our SNAP™ Complete Protection Service—our automated security solution—and free your staff from complex deployment, upgrades ...

SNAP PC Management

SNAP PC ManagementSNAP™ Complete PC and Server Management Pro-actively administer, monitor and maintain your computer assets and network using our Kick IT to the Cloud operations center and 24x7 HelpDesk.  Guaranteed to eliminate downtime to the greatest extent possible with a target 99.9% uptime for onsite equipment.  Features SureNetwork™ Assurance Program ...

SureFiles™ - Your Enterprise Active Directory File Server Service

State of the art server to securely manage all your files and manage your network too

SureDesk Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop

Ever wonder how easy your life would be if you didn't have to be tethered to one work station? SureDesk breaks those chains by separating the physical machine from the software, allowing you to access your computer from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Just open a browser on your PC, Tablet, or cell phone and login whenever you want - it’s that easy!

Security Layers

Security Layers Security - Keeping Your Business Safe Security Layers to Protect Your Privacy recognizes that all the performance and flexibility we deliver matter little if the security and privacy of each of our clients is not protected. We therefore build all our services and solutions on top of ...

Email Encryption Services

Email Encryption ServicesSafeguard email before you send Confidential information has to be carefully safeguarded to remain confidential. SureTech's email encryption solution does just that, in two ways: E2EE (end-to-end encryption) and organization DLP (data leak prevention). You can apply our E2EE solution to just certain users, who can then choose to activate ...

SureMail Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Get all of the benefits of a Fortune 100 company's email system - with none of the headaches!

Welcome Hosted MS Exchange for everyone

Managed IT - Networks, Servers & Equipment

Whether you have your own equipment onsite or you are ready to move to the cloud, we can provide the best solution for your business. We offer a proactive approach with solutions that are Powerful, Flexible, Secure & Cost Efficient. Our cloud solutions offer a predictable fixed monthly fee, customized ...

Data is Priceless.  Hardware is Disposable. 

Making sure your data is secure, recoverable, and redundant is our number one goal. 

According to a survey by DTI/PriceWaterhouse Coopers, 70% of small businesses who experience a data loss go out of business within the year.  Let us help ensure your data is backed up properly.

Security Benefits of SureMail Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Security Benefits of SureMail Hosted Microsoft ExchangeSureMail offers enterprise-level email security at a fraction of the cost. Aside from our wide range of features, the greatest security benefit of SureMail is your peace of mind. Simply put, we act as the “gatekeepers” so you don’t have to. The days of worrying about email security are over ...

Why Massmind Portal Pretty Much Rules

Why Massmind Portal Pretty Much Rules In short, Massmind Portal provides: A robust content management system A community management system to promote participation of your audience with your website Broadcast tools to communicate via email with your audience Integration into a larger network through which we can easily promote your content, events, and promotion ideas ...

SNAP Network Asessment

Using our 27-point checklist, we’ll document and assess how you work and what you need in place to support you workflow. We’ll make suggestions and implement maintenance solutions to help you work better, smarter and faster while eliminating system outages and interruptions to the greatest extent possible.


We're here to help SureHelp™ call center and help desk guarantees you have email, telephone and remote control support whenever you need it   SureHelp™ means having experts at your finger tips do your team can focus on BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS instead of troubleshooting your technology.   SureHelp™ - ...

ROI Focused Tools and Solutions

ROI DialYou will hear any time you speak with us, and in what you see on this website - we are passionate about, and focused on, delivering value.

Please visit our interactive ROI calculator to see how our solutions will work for you.

Backup Highlights:

  • Data is backed up, once as a full seed copy, then incrementally, everyday (M-F)
  • All changes are kept for a default of 7 days
  • Backup sets are fully encrypted with user chosen pass-phrase
  • Backup sets can be restored via web portal or external hard copy with client software on location (encryption phase phrases cannot be recovered, data cannot be restored without pass-phrase)
  • All Off-site Backup sets redundant and mirrored in our datacenter for security and fail-over.
  • Daily backup reports are sent to and if chosen the client to alert of the status of a backup set.


HelpDesk HelpDesk™ - Help When You Need It   24X7 U.S. Based Call Center SureHelp™ call center and helpdesk guarantees you have email, telephone and remote control support whenever you need it. By leveraging Internet access to support from anywhere, our techs can copilot any compter just as if ...

One Point of Contact

We Make IT Work Together's services offer one point of contact for all your IT solutions. Services include onsite management of networks, servers, workstations and equipment; virtual desktops; cloud computing and data centers; data back up, storage and security; custom web and interactive applications; office communications tools; and ...

Features List

Features ListTopazPort Features List A robust content management system A community management system to promote participation of your audience with your website Broadcast tools to communicate via email with your audience Integration into a larger network through which we can easily promote your content, events and promotion ideas    Strategic Long term commitment to ...

   Pro-actively administer, monitor and manage your computer assets and network using IT Reach.  Ensure the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for networked equipment. Allows to monitor detailed hardware and software configurations for all of the PCs or servers running SureNetwork™ Monitoring including: Quickly spot potential ...

OneClickClubs offers low cost Virtual Town Square

TopazPort now offers a low-cost community management package. TopazPort allows an organization to create and customize its own online portal where members can stay connected and coordinate activities with one another. Topaz Port also allows organizations to keep their members up to date on club activities and news.