Interactive Media Professionals offers an Interactive Media Studio through our Topaz Group business with a seasoned core team of full time employees and a large network of contractor relationship that allow us to scale to large projects efficiently.

We have three interdisciplinary strengths that are uniquely well integrated. We have deep bench strength in traditional software engineering while also having strong creative and branding skills and experience. In addition to these two we have valuable experience managing operations intensive interactive media. The most successful websites, for example, rely not just on software but on paid and volunteer staff that must be energized, managed and compensated.

Topaz Group has developed a rich portfolio of unique high end properties for which we have done creative and engineering design and development from 2003-present including:


ESPN Arcade

Go Cross Campus

Massmind Network

ESPN Arcade


Collaborative Content Management System - TopazPort

We build a content management system that offers an integrated events calendar, e-newsletter, news posts and ability for non-programmers to edit and add content to the site easily. We can also support and design for any specified CMS. More information on the portal features is here:

Featured sites using the portal include:



We offer support building, developing and maintaining ecommerce sites for various industries, such as:


Special Design Projects

Finding the right solution for a customer is our business. We design and provide web editing support for many clients. Such as:


We also design and develop custom web applications. For example, The Arts Council of Princeton has an annual Tombola Auction at their Pinot to Picasso event and needed to improve the way the pieces were both displayed prior to the Tombola and a good way for people to see which pieces had been chosen during the Tombola. We built an exciting application for their event. 

To view the Tombola auction part of the application, please visit the application  and while the application is selected click the space bar.

For more information on our custom development, please contact us a This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript or call 1-800-882-8701 x 2.

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