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Windows 10 is Here 

You've probably heard about the new version of Windows about to be released by Microsoft, Windows 10.  And you may have even seen a little icon displayed at the bottom right of your screen which allows you to “Get Windows 10”.  

SureTech wants to be sure you are fully informed about this valuable upgrade BEFORE you consider installing it. 

Microsoft is listing Windows 10 as a free upgrade but this is true only if your computer can support it.  

  • If you are still using Windows XP or Windows Vista you cannot upgrade directly and you may need additional hardware.  
  • Windows 7 users will see major usability changes and may need training.  
  • Windows 8 users will be most prepared for the upgrade. 

SureTech does NOT recommend updating to Windows 10 without confirming your software and devices are compatible and your users are prepared.

Please note that, if your users upgrade on their own and there are issues, our HelpDesk team, as always will be available to troubleshoot.

SureTech's approach is to confirm your software will work and your users will be prepared for changes.  Assuming Windows 10 is a beneficial enhancement, SureTech will coordinate an Implementation/Training plan and complete a seamless trainsition with little or no downtime.  We will be reaching out in the next two months to assess and plan with you.  

If you have any immediate questions, please let us know as This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  or 800-882-8701



Media review of Windows 10 is overall positive, but also recommends waiting until the bugs are out. Click here for more

It is our pleasure to be supporting your IT Solutions. 

Your SureTech Solutions Team

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