Using Your SureDesk hosted desktop


Moving Between SureDesk™ hosted desktop and your existing Desktop If you place your mouse over the top and middle of the screen and you will see a tool bar appear which you can then minimize to go back between the local computer desktop and your SureDesk™ desktop.


Installing software can install any software you wish to your desktop, though some downloads may be limited by your company rules. Contact This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript with any additional software requests.


File sharing with your local PC When you login to your SureDesk™, if you go to ‘My Computer’, under ‘Other’ you’ll see the listed drives associated with your PC. This means that you can drag files from your SureFiles™ to your local machine (this can also be turned off for security / data protection purposes).


Local printing If you open an application (e.g. Word) and create a document, you can print this document from the printer in your office – even though the desktop and document itself resides “in the cloud”.  Just click ‘Print’ on the application and select from your available printers.


SureFiles shared disk storage Your S: drive is a designated, secure, virtual file server only accessible to selected users, who will be able to store company data and information on it. You can utilize passwords and user permissions to restrict who can view or edit any given file. Your C: Drive is the default location for saving files on your SureDesk™ and all files are backed up from this drive.  This drive has limited space and we recommend saving any large files to the Shared S: drive.  All files that are on your actual computer rather than the hosted SureDesk can be found under Other drives list.



We have bundled Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Plus, so you have all the line-of-business applications.


Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2007 The latest Microsoft Office applications are available on all of our hosted desktops. Feel free to create, save and print documents.


Outlook 2007 The new version of Outlook has some great features, especially when linked with Microsoft Exchange. To this end we can help you setup your Outlook to utilize your combined Exchange 2007 account and see the great benefits of these programs.


Streaming Video Please note that hosted desktops are not particularly well-suited to media streaming services like, at this time.


USB Devices Printers, audio and attached storage disks including Flash thumb drives are all well integrated with SureDesk™ – but certain other USB devices like scanner, web cameras or microphones may not work well.  To use these devices just use your local computer.  You can then easily access any files from your SureDesk™.


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