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Safe Internet Use Tips



Safe Internet Browsing Tips

A growing source of infections is the "Drive by Download." A DBD capitlizes on security defects in your browser and actually allows a "trojan" to be installed on your computer just by visiting a website and then the malware can go on to infect your computer.

This usually happens with very high traffic sites. For example, the Nobel Peace Prize site was hacked and caused infections. Click here for more information.

To protect your computer, it is important to keep all security patches up to date for your browser. automatically knows about patch updates needed through our remote monitoring service and will then install updates as needed.

More information about safe practices can be found here.


Malware Can Affect Macs Too

For example, the Koobface Malware has been seen to get to Mac users through Firefox and Twitter when a user downloads a Java applet. Users can deny applet downloads and thus prevent this kind of infection. For more information on this Malware click here.


Other Tips to Prevent Drive by Downloads

Google just announced the release of a safe browsing diagnostic tool. To use the tool, just append a URL to the end of For example, to test our site, you would enter Google will then return four sets of security information about that page.