Citrix Web Panel

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The Citrix Web Panel allows you to access your SureDesk™. You can access the web panel by going to


We recommend setting as a trusted site in your web browser to prevent any potential issues accessing your SureDesk™. You can find out how to set trusted sites here.


You will need to log in using your username and password. Once you login you should see a screen like below.

1. Desktop tab - 2. Application tab - 3. Search bar - 4. Settings menu - 5. Log Off menu



1. Desktop tab


The Desktop tab allows you to access your SureDesk™. Just click the My SureDesk™ Workstation button and it will launch the SureDesk™.


2. Applications tab


The Applications tab lists most of the software installed on your SureDesk™. Clicking on the icons will cause the program to launch. We recommend you do not use this feature as it can be unstable and not all software will work properly. If you want to access the software program please access it through the SureDesk™ instead.


3. Search bar


The Search bar allows you to search for installed applications. As noted with the Application tab we recommend you only access software through the SureDesk™.


4. Settings


Settings allow you to change preferences with Citrix and to change your password.


In general you can change the language for the Citrix web panel. This will not affect the SureDesk™.

User Experience

Under user experience you can customize the size of the window your SureDesk™ will be accessible in.

No preference
Uses the default setting configured by your system.
Full screen
Resource windows are maximized to fill your computer screen.
Resources that support resizing appear in resizable windows.
Custom dimensions
Enables you to specify the size of SureDesk™ window in pixels. Enter the required dimensions in the format width x height in the Custom size (px) boxes found below.
Percentage of screen
Enables you to specify the size of SureDesk™ window as a percentage of your computer screen. Enter the required value in the Percentage of screen box found below.


Click Change Password and enter the requested information. Your password must be a minimum of 6 characters and contain characters from three of the following four categories:

  • An upper case letter (A-Z)
  • A lower case letter (a-z)
  • A number (0-9)
  • A special character (!,$,#,%, ect.)
  • For more detailed information on password rules go to our SureDesk™ Password Rules guide.


    5. Log Off


    If you were logged on to a SureDesk™ and were disconnected you can click Reconnect to log back on to your session.


    Clicking this allows you log off the Citrix panel and it will disconnect you from your SureDesk™ and this leaves your SureDesk™ open and running so you can connect from another computer. If you so not expect to return in two hours, you should not use disconnect.