SNAP™ Complete PC and Server Management

Pro-actively administer, monitor and maintain your computer assets and network using our Kick IT to the Cloud operations center and 24x7 HelpDesk.  Guaranteed to eliminate downtime to the greatest extent possible with a target 99.9% uptime for onsite equipment.


SureNetwork™ Assurance Program (SNAP™) Monitored Alerts Service continually monitors detailed hardware and software configurations for all equipment to:

  1. Quickly spot potential issues with a digest view of critical computer data, such as CPU and memory load, disk space, registry keys and DLLs in use. Set alerts or schedule tasks based on thresholds  for multiple groups of computers
  2. View and optimize the settings of remote computers including environment variables, virtual memory, time settings and shared resources.
  3. Ensure stringent corporate security with a layered security system that includes 128- to 256-bit SSL encryption, individual user access permissions, Windows authentication, support for RSA SecurID and detailed logging

Remote Support

  • Allows authorized users to take control of the keyboard and mouse of remote machines through a web browser for an experience almost just as if they were physically at the remote computer for remote troubleshooting, maintenance or repair
  • Transfer files between local and remotely accessed computers - all transfers are encrypted so data are secure

Proactive update and security Patch management

  • Eliminates security vulnerabilities due to out of date patches and updates
  • provides compatibility and performance testing and proactive policies to patch deployment
  • eliminates annoying "do you want to update" notices and downtime 

Complete Antivirus

  • Monitored, always on, always up to date protection
  • Avoids primary cause of infections on 99% of computers due to out of date or deactivated protection
  • Fewer than 3 infections per 1,000 covered workstations per year in the last 3 years of service compared to 200 infections per thousand for typical AV protection
  • Includes Guaranteed Disinfection service

Lowest Total Cost

Our extensive historical data clearly shows Complete Management delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for your computers, network and all IT assets.  SNAP managed service is guaranteed to:

  • Minimize repair costs and unexpected behaviors and troubleshooting
  • Minimize or eliminate downtime and work interuptions

Just Say No More To Expensive Break / Fix reactive PC management

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