Your personalized SureNetwork™ Assessment/Assurance Program (It's a SNAP™)

Using our 27-point checklist, we’ll document and assess how you work and what you need in place to support you workflow. We’ll make suggestions and implement maintenance solutions to help you work better, smarter and faster while eliminating system outages and interruptions to the greatest extent possible.

Approach and Methodology

We offer a broad range of services customized to your unique needs.  To design a perfect solution for your priorities, needs and budget we offer the SureNetwork™ Assessment Program (SNAP). 

To deliver the SNAP Report and Diagram, will undertake a survey and deliver to you a confidential report and best practice recommendations for your IT network, often on a no cost basis.

The SNAP is an analytical and interactive process that helps us to collaboratively define and evaluate a customized engagement process. The survey and report allow us to assess your current network infrastructure, goals and business work-flow. The survey and report also allow you to asses our working services practice.  You can view a sample diagram your company would receive here.

Upon delivery, the SNAP report will deliver prioritized recommendations for partnering with to achieve your business objectives.


Value’s proven techniques and systems are designed to:

  • provide targeted, actionable recommendations focused on achieving desired business outcomes and ROI
  • provide an integrated approach including training, coaching and Agile feature delivery
  • facilitate capital planning and flexibility and simplify cost planning
  • recover minutes or even hours per worker per day (just 20 minutes per day per worker for a 20 person team is close to the equivalent of an additional full time staff person every single day – an estimated savings of $60,000 per year or more)
  • recover real estate space and cost by reducing the local IT footprint
  • reduce Total Cost of Ownership for IT infrastructure 40% or more by a) implementing group risk management plans; b) optimizing configuration of existing assets to optimize stability and reliability; c) removing inefficiencies in the I.T. solution set
  • reduce or eliminate huge capital investment needs in PC’s, software and servers every 3-4 years
  • be environment friendly by utilizing pooled, energy efficient resources in our datacenters whenever possible

With all of our SureSolutions™ you only pay for what you use and can scale any service up or down at any time with one email to This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript   or call to 800-882-8701.




  • Access to all computers to run MSInfo and save the data to a Provider USB thumb drive
  • Provider ability to log in to Domain or Work Group with an administrator account
  • Visual access to all hardware on the network – switches, hubs, printers, cabling rooms, etc.
  • Provider will take pictures of all hardware and physical plant structures only
  • Provider will not photograph, copy or remove any client data files in digital or physical form 


Confidentiality and Responsibilities

All Client materials and data used in developing the SNES Report will be professionally secured and protected and will be used only for the best interest of Client and shall not be disclosed to third parties or used for any purpose other than as proposed in this report if and when specifically requested and approved by Client.  

By accepting receipt of the SNAP Report, Client agrees to use the SNAP Report only for the purposes of engaging Provider for online technology or media development services and Client agrees that any other use will be subject to a reasonable Research and Discovery Fee due to Provider.

Client and Provider also agree the SNAP is provided without financial obligation on the part of Client and without warranty of any kind by Provider and that in all respects the SNAP and any mutually agreed subsequent services, if any, are rendered strictly according to the provisions of the current Master Services Agreement (MSA) available at unless specified otherwise in writing.

This proposal is proprietary to™ and all rights are strictly reserved.


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