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Ever wonder how easy your life would be if you didn't have to be tethered to one work station? SureDesk breaks those chains by separating the physical machine from the software, allowing you to access your computer from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Just open a browser on your PC, Tablet, or cell phone and login whenever you want - it’s that easy!



SureDesk takes the widely used Citrix Virtual Desktop technology and kicks it up a notch by allowing for quick and customizable deployment for small businesses. We host your desktop, servers, and applications while providing you and your team with dedicated SureHelp tech support.

Our default setup for SureDesk is an up-to-date Windows 7 Professional Operating System, but customization is always available. We load your desktop with the applications you’re already using - whether it’s Web Browsers, Flash Players, Silverlight, Desktop Search, Adobe Suite, .NET framework, LastPass, Evernote, FileZilla, Putty, Balsamiq, or GoToMeeting. Many Microsoft apps are available for as little as $4.95, so the sky is the limit as to how you build your personalized SureDesk™. Let’s dig a little deeper into what makes us so unique.


Show Me the Benefits!

How many times do you find yourself replacing computers because they’re slow or out of date? One cool thing about the SureDesk is that there’s no need to constantly upgrade your workstation, giving you the ultimate in managed, up-to-date, and highly available computing. The hardware and data processing lives in our data center, so any computer can access your SureDesk - even relatively old ones. On top of that, our triple redundant backbone connections make for a rock-solid internet experience. Enjoy blazingly fast internet speeds that will make your web apps run faster and more efficiently, regardless of your locations connection speed.

Say goodbye to Windows licensing fees, repair, routine software upgrades, hardware maintenance and upgrades, and security patches that put a drain on your workday and take time away from what you really want to be doing. SureTech handles all of the licensing and “back-end” boring stuff at no extra charge* while providing you with the customizable profiles and applications you’d expect from a virtual desktop environment. We make tech fun again by letting you choose what you want to do with your SureDesk, and this is how we separate ourselves from the flock.

There are many imitators out there, but none of them come close to offering the same level of customization, customer support, and attention to small business ROI that we do. That’s because we eat, sleep, and breathe business tech.


Welcome to Your SureOffice

If you have an Internet connection, then you have an office network - it’s really that simple. Your SureOffice is a remotely hosted virtual workstation that delivers a fast and reliable network environment with guaranteed 99.9% availability. We can also deploy any SureDesk very quickly, whether you want to add one work station or one hundred.

Every SureDesk in your SureOffice is turned into a customized high-performance machine with one goal - improved business collaboration. SureOffice makes it easy to create a fully virtual office network, bringing together our entire suite of high performance, secure, reliable, and cost effective office services. These include:

SureFiles™ - State-of-the-art server to securely manage your networks as well as all of your files.

SureBack™ - Back up your data to our physically fortified data center. Data is priceless, hardware is disposable.

SureMail™ - Hosted Microsoft Exchange with Sharepoint. Get all the benefits of a Fortune 100 companies email system with none of the headaches.

SNAP Anti-Virus™- Managed complete anti-virus service. Reduce your security licensing costs and on-premise capital investments by leveraging our expertise and infrastructure.

SurePhones™- A high-end PBX with phone service. SurePhones use VoIP for a wonderful fusion of phone, messaging, and computing.

SureSolutions™ - Custom networks and applications on-demand.


Hungry For More?

For those of you who need a little more horsepower under the engine, you may want to check out our premium SureDesk Platinum solution. With SureDesk Platinum, you get the ability to add additional RAM in 1GB increments, disk space, and CPUs on demand.

Still not enough? SureDesk+ gives you all of the same benefits as Platinum, but with the addition of a custom server or desktop applications with a one-time configuration and installation fee. Both are tailored to optimize an always fast and always reliable experience. Anytime. Anywhere.


For the Techies...

  • SureDesk is made to run an Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz Dual Core CPU with 2GB of RAM or better
  • Configurable to any work group requirements with individual or network software, custom hardware, and any personal profile data required
  • Active Directory Security
  • Workgroup setup and management
  • Ability to give you a 24 CPU super-computer
  • Active Directory Security Managing and Provisioning
  • Includes secure 128 bit encrypted SSL connection to all SureDesk services, ensuring your sensitive information is transmitted securely
  • See full security details here.

*Does not include custom features, add-ons, Platinum or Ultra, training, or non-SureDesk infrastructure (unless the SureDesk thin client is used).


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