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SureDesk™ 2.0 is scheduled for release December 1, 2009

This is a major migration between facilities in different parts of the country.  We expect no interruptions, we appreciate your cooperation and patience as the transition is made at no cost to any of our existing SureDesk™ users.

New Benefits

  • Custom applications supported such as QuickBooks and AutoCad
  • Windows XP supported as will be Windows 7 when it is released
  • Our SureDesk™ 1.0 infrastructure was built on technologies built by Quest and Parallels and turned out to have performance and stability issues we could not accept.  Our new infrastructure is based on Citrix Xen Desktop and XenApps to be added in the coming months that are the environment we always wanted to use, but only recently were able to implement.  Citrix offers much more flexibility and performance and is best in class in the hosted arena.  Click here for more information about Citrix.


  • Significantly improved stability
  • Improved screen pixilation and clarity
  • Less lag time and redraw issues

Known Issues

  • Operating system updates are no longer handled centrally so clients will be re-introduced to the "updates are ready for your computer" reminders that are common on local machines.  We expect to automate this process for all useres in the coming months, but for the time being each user will need to accept and apply updates manually.
  • Applications are now installed locally and will take up a bit more local disk space.  We may therefore need to allocate larger local hard drives at a small additional monthly cost for some users.  This will also be streamlined in the coming months as we utilize new advanced application streaming that is available with our new infrastructure.