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SureDesk™ 1.0 Released September 1, 2009


  • Windows Professional desktop including FireFox, Internet Explorer 7, Flash player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Applications available as subscription add ons
  • Remoted hosted virtual workstations that deliver an office networked workstation
  • Configurable to any work group requirements with individual or network software, custom hardware and any personal profile data required
  • secure 128 bit encrypted SSL connection to all SureDesk™ services and ensures your sensitive data is transmitted securely
  • Workstation access anytime from any internet connected PC in the world
  • Active Directory security and workgroup setup and management
  • Lastest MS Outlook
  • Profile and applications customize to client specification
  • Latest MS Office Standard (2007)
  • Integrated Office Live support (MS Office Required)
  • Total AntiVirus™ Solution (built on AVG Enterprise)
  • Hardware maintenance, repair, routine software upgrades, security patches and hardware upgrades all included at no extra charge (does not include custom features, add-ons, training or non-SureDesk™ infrastructure such as local desktop unless the SureDesk™ thin client is used)
  • Active Directory Security Management and Provisioning
  • See full security layer details at
  • Ability to have Shared File Server without the upfront cost and maintenance of physical file server.

Known Issues

  • maximum 16 bit color
  • very slightly pixelated screen resolution
  • certain connectivity problems can lead to redraw issues
  • Server OS does not support true Windows XP or Vista