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Small Is Beautiful

I tend to like to write on my keyboard on my lap or on a lap bench.  I've been using the standard Apple Extended keyboard for years, but realized a while ago the extra number and navigation keys on the right meant that on my lap the keyboard was always off center.  

There's just no way to position the extended keyboard comfortably balanced, because to center my hands over the keys I use I have to leave 1/5 of the keyboard hanging off my right leg, which makes the keyboard tend to tilt.

I'd seen the smaller keyboards for a while and a friend finally gave me one as a present.

It's no joke that Apple design creates fetishisizeable objects.  The keyboard is like using a feather to write.  But others will write about that.

I'm just here to say that centering the keyboard really helps align my arms and back as I write on my lap.

Also if you get one of these make sure you install the "Aluminum Wireless Keyboard Update 2.0." I wasted about an hour trying to figure out why the function and feature keys didn't work before I finally saw on the box in micro gray text that a software update is required to use the keyboard.  Also the most useful key from the extended keyboard I feel is the Forward Delete key, and I was frustrated with that one absence until I realize with the update the keyboard DOES support forward delete.  Just press "fn" and then the delete (where "backspace" is on windows keyboards) and voila! Forward delete and all the fancy volume, brightness, widget and windows shortcut keys work.

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