HelpDesk™ - Help When You Need It


24X7 U.S. Based Call Center

SureHelp™ call center and helpdesk guarantees you have email, telephone and remote control support whenever you need it.

By leveraging Internet access to support from anywhere, our techs can copilot any compter just as if we were on site, and deliver comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

SureHelp™ means having experts at your finger tips so your team can focus on your business rather than troubleshooting your technology.

  • Support for all major brand hardware and business software
  • Unlimited number of level 1 support requests per user
  • Predictable monthly fee
  • Problem-solving methodology adapted to your specific needs

Setup And Value

We strive to get you out of the break-fix model of IT services through our cloud solutions.  However, your physical machine, phone, or wiring and cabling still needs to be maintained.  We have top level 1 through 3 level technicians that can fix any computer issue. 

We know that to be successful, our team must become an extension of of your organization and a seamless part of your team.  To accomplish this we follow a deliberate transition methodology to study needs and working environment of each client in order to deliver:

  • Clear Kowledge Base and definitions of unique client systems and standard procedures
  • Enforce customized client security policies
  • Coordinate HelpDesk staff and Client user training

SureHelp™ Level I HelpDesk

  • Unlimited calls or emails per user
  • Predictable fixed subscription pricing per user
  • Proven calm 'bedside manner' and problem solving experience

SureHelp™ Level II HelpDesk

  • Dedicated remote or onsite expert level support
  • Billable by the 1/4 hour (minimum 90 minutes onsite)
  • Experienced, calm and people friendly technicians

Historical Service Levels

We pride ourselves on our industry leading satisfaction guarantee and track our success, occasional failure and performance metrics carefully.

HelpDesk Remote Onsite Resolution History


HelpDesk resolution timeline service levels


SNAP Remote Monitoring

Pro-actively administer, monitor and manage your computer assets and network.  

  • Allows to monitor detailed hardware and software configurations for all local equipment on your Network allowing expert HelpDesk technicians to:
    • Quickly spot potential issues with a digest view of critical computer data, such as CPU and memory load, disk space, registry keys and DLLs in use.  Set alerts or schedule tasks based on thresholds you define for multiple groups of computers
    • View and optimize the settings of remote computers including environment variables, virtual memory, time settings and shared resources.
    • Ensure stringent corporate security with a layered security system that included 128- to 256-bit SSL encyrtion, individual user access permissions, Windows authentication and detailed logging of all network access
  • Allows authorized users to take control of the keyboard and mouse of remote machines through a web browser for an experience almost just as if they were physically at the remote computer
  • Transfer files between local and remotely accessed computers.  All transfers are encrypted so data are secure.

Remote and Onsite Training

We also offer custom training and support on any MS Office products as well as QuickBooks.  We also offer best-practice recommendation for your business data retention, email and file sharing.  

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