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SureDesk™ 3.0 is scheduled for release November 1, 2010

This is the groundbreaking release of SureDesk service that after 14 months of testing and experience finally meets our total requirements for performance, customization AND low flat fee subscription cost.  All new users will be rolled out on this new infrastructure going forward and existing customers will be moved at no cost over the next few months. 

New Benefits


  • Largely eliminated lag time and completely eliminated redraw issues

Known Issues and RFEs

  • As always, bandwidth issues are the key achiles heel of the service - service requires a minimum (for each SureDesk™ connection) of 500kbs download and 300kbs upload speed to function well and a maximum ping lag of 80ms.  Use our SPEEDtest page to test our connection.
  • Dropbox plugin coming soon