We were delighted to be part of the Arts Council of Princeton's Pinot to Picasso - Vintage 2011 fund-raiser this year.

To view the Arts Council of Princeton - Pinot to Picasso art work, please install Adobe's Flash Player now using the link below.

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We had a fun time supporting the event again this year with the Flash rotating carousel display we launched for them three years ago.

At the event, all of the art work is projected on the walls while the attendees mill around and then for the Tombola auction part of the event, the application offers a countdown feature with thumbnails of each art piece and displays over each thumbnail which pieces have been selected. 

It was a wonderful event again this year with great food and art and we had a great time supporting the Arts Council. 


To see a full screen version of the carousel, click here


To view the Tombola part of the aplication, click on the program and press the space bar.


If you are interested in our Flash code, we'd be happy to share it with you. Just contact us or email This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript .

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