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Continuing three centures of Quaker tradition, Princeton Friends School was founded in 1987 with 19 students to provide an education that would recognize and nurture the spirit in each child within a community of learners. It now has 139 students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through eight grade.

"'s generosity and knowledge sharing are key for Princeton Friends School. They go out of their way not to tell us how to do things, but to help us make what we want to do work."

Mary D'Amore, Director of Technology















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Princeton Friends School Decides an On Site Partner and Private Infrastructure in the Cloud is Best Solution to Support their IT

“I’m so glad kicked some of our IT to the cloud,” said Mary D’Amore, Director of Technology for Princeton Friends School, as she discussed the restructuring of the School’s IT system. “Over a period of eight months provided a breadth of specialized support coupled with more efficient hosted solutions - we realized increasing IT staff to support several critical network systems would not only have been more costly, but an individual could not have provided all the solutions we needed.”



Princeton Friends School had grown from 19 students to 139. That’s when Mary D’Amore, Director of Technology and Marc Liebowitz, Network Administrator realized that the two of them could no longer run the entire system on-site by themselves.  They needed additional support for some of the basic IT services so they would be able to devote time and effort to higher-level problems and opportunities.

Mary and Marc had worked with briefly for emergency services and the firm provided detailed ROI and cost/benefit numbers that proved how much money could be saved by streamlining the school’s system.

The Friends School IT team says as the relationship with progressed they became aware of system inefficiencies that had real costs that they hadn’t really understood previously. “We were skeptical initially, but finally realized we hadn’t considered our full costs of downtime.”


When they finally decided to outsource some of their solutions, according to Mary, “ came in with best prices, were more local, and we just liked them better. They were more flexible, which we needed, very responsive, and more willing to work with us rather than try to fit us into a particular model.”


Creating multiple benefits

 “ improved our existing capabilities,” says Marc, “and also recommended effective new tools that became something we chose to use, such as their SureMail hosted MS Exchange, SureBack redundant remote backup, PC Monitoring and Anti-virus, Remote Access and Disaster Recovery.  We were so convinced by the reliability, price and support offered by their hosted solutions that we migrated to them. Our basic functions were successfully separated from the work Mary and I need to do to improve the overall value of our IT services.”


“All of the basic infrastructure is now in the cloud, and we will continue to move to a cloud-hosted desktop environment as resources become available. They can take us as far into the cloud as we want to go.”


Enjoying peace of mind

 “Having peace of mind that these critical services are being handled off-site in redundant and secure data centers is really great,” says Mary.

“Their willingness to transfer knowledge is a huge benefit, and I don’t often find that with other vendors who expect you to pay for the knowledge transfer.  We are continuing to grow and now have them come one day a week. Those sessions are packed with useful information, and when they leave we ask ourselves, ‘What would we have done if they hadn’t shown up today?’”



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