I'm a computer nerd at heart, destined to work in IT. I have a ridiculously big movie collection, love all things Japanese, and will try almost any food at least once...just don't feed me tomatoes. I also have a wife and a dog, Barney, named in honor of Neil Patrick Harris's infamous TV persona.

Favorite Smell
Waking up to breakfast cooking.

Favorite Cereal?
Can I say bacon?

Favorite Childhood Memory?
Family trips to my grandparents' farm in Virginia.

Favorite Vacation Spot?
What's a vacation?

What is your Job?
Computer tech turned office manager.

Favorite Blog?
WarcraftHuntersUnion.com ...my wife cringed when I said that.

Favorite Website?

What do you want clients to know about technology?

Have you tried turning it off and on again? But in all seriousness, tech work takes patience and research.