Mistakes are inevitable but we strive to learn from them, making them a point of growth and not a set-back.  Below is an article illustrating principles and an attitude we at stand behind and work to emmulate. 

Law #1 - Everyone makes mistakes.

Law #2 - Not all mistakes are bad mistakes.

Law #3 - Mistakes not seen by others are not mistakes.

Law #4 - Ignorance does not excuse your mistakes.

Law #5 - Mistakes occur at the very worst time.

Law #6 - Mistakes beget mistakes.

Law #7 - Mistakes made with computers propagate faster and cause more damage.

Law #8 - Mistakes of inaction are mistakes nonetheless.

Law #9 - Failure to own up to your mistakes is a mistake.

Law #10 - Failing to learn from your mistakes is a mistake.


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