Sharpen your Excel skills with these free videos from Microsoft. Brush up on basic formulas, visual analysis, collaboration, macros, and much more. These four lessons will enable anyone with a basic knowledge in the spreadsheet software to work smart, not hard. Check out the video series and read below for more information.



Want to master Microsoft® Excel?

Now you can uncover new tricks with the Excel skills builder video series.




Learn how to customize a workbook or collaborate on a spreadsheet with a teammate.
See how to make your data look great by adding diagrams, charts and much more.

The free Excel skills builder training videos teach you clever tips and tricks and show you
how to get more from your data by guiding you through short, quick lessons like:



Moving from lists to tables



Collaboration and sharing



Visual analysis



Automation, macros and reporting





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Lesson 2 Visual Analysis - from numbers to pictures