SureTech™ offers three email archival options to ensure you maintain the level of accountability that your organization requires.

 maintain review, legal discovery and regulatory compliance archival. Choose Basic Archive, Advanced Archival:Discovery or Advanced Archival:Compliance based on your needs.

SureMail™ Archive Overview

Key Features

•Capture all sent and received messages without user intervention; securely transmitted to multiple data centers for retention, using TLS or VPN encryption. 

•Provide early visibility into the case facts and mining of historical information to better forecast costs, assess the risks, and determine the appropriate legal response to a dispute.

• Enable better visibility into the business and legal value of content and data through the effective indexing of data.

• Store and index every email, attachment, IM and BlackBerry® message (SMS text, PIN-to-PIN, call log) in a searchable, online repository.

• Accelerate legal discovery and HR inquiries with real-time search and retrieval and multiple export capabilities.

• Enforce email preservation for lawsuits/legal holds, and protect attorney-client privileged communications.

• Enable legal personnel to independently perform legal holds, share the review workload across multiple reviewers, and quickly respond to eDiscovery requests.


Basic Archive - $5 Monthly

Automatically captures stores and indexes all emails sent and received in a separate mailbox for future reference.


Advance Archival:Discovery - $10 Monthly

Provides users with rapid and secure access to archived email from their inbox, any supported web browser, smart phone or tablet. Intuitive features allow rapid search and restore of emails and attachments with no need for IT support.


Reduce the Cost and Risk of Litigation By:

• Culling the volume of information that a corporate litigant must preserve, collect, and send to outside counsel for review.


Advanced Archival:Compliance - $16 Monthly

Your organization is under increased pressure to ensure all emails and instant messages are properly captured, stored and reviewed. An efficient and effective way to ensure your policies and procedures are being met.


Compliance Features

• SEC/NASD/FINRA Message Retention Requirements Compliant

• Single-Instance Storage Once archived, all email is de- duplicated and stored as a single instance to optimize storage space and streamline your searches.


Tamper-proof WORM (write once, read many) storage meets the strictest regulatory compliance requirements.

• All email messages and attachments are stored in real time and then replicated to multiple, geographically dispersed SAS-70 Type II Tier-4 compliant data centers.



• Advanced Email Archival:Compliance offers a number of tools to streamline the supervisory process, including automatic flagging of suspicious emails for auditor review. Multi-tiered review structure supports workflow between compliance officers, Offices of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJs) and branch managers.

• Microsoft Outlook-like look and feel. Shorten review time by setting your preferred starting folder (e.g., post review), date range and view, and choosing one of three convenient views: Single Message View, Snippet View or List View.

• One-click review features help you speed through the review process. Next-click review allows you to quickly jump to the next violation in email messages and attachments with only

a single mouse click, while right-click actions let you choose commands by simply right clicking your mouse.

• Advanced message filters help you easily sort, search and select specific types of emails.

 • Administration and reporting tools include pre- or post-review modes, random sampling, customizable rules for specific domains or email addresses and summary reports.

• Allows auditors to conduct random sampling to meet regulatory compliance requirements. This feature quickly compiles a random chosen set of messages for review.



Quickly and easily search and retrieve emails and attachments to fulfill audit and e-discovery requests. Once you have selected all emails related to a specific need, you can export them on demand.

• If your company ends up in litigation, you can place legal holds on specific communications (based upon search criteria) to safeguard your staff or automated deletion policies from inadvertently deleting case-relevant emails. You can also mark attorney-client privileged communications and exclude them from e-discovery requests.

• The search log captures the auditing activities of your reviewers, so administrators can ensure that they are conducting appropriate reviews and meeting compliance requirements. Auditors can also add notes to messages as needed.

• Our Advanced Email Archival:Compliance service retains your emails and attachments as required to meet your company’s specific retention or regulatory requirements. We also purge and destroy older email stores based on your

custom criteria (e.g., any emails seven or more years old).

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