If you have one of millions of PCs infected by the DNS Changer malware a couple years ago, you may be at risk of losing your internet July 9.  The FBI believes about 500,000 computers are still infected as of April 2012.  In less than three months these computers will lose internet access, according to the FBI. 

The issue is that the internet address system on infected PCs was hijacked to send all the internet traffic from those PC's to a criminal mafia based in Estonia instead of to legit Domain Name Servers.  The FBI busted up the Estonian ring, but they couldn't uninfect all the infected PCs so they had to leave up the bogus Domain Name Servers - or else leave everyone with a bad taste of internet Cold Turkey.

For a year the FBI has been working with the non-profit Internet Services Consortium to maintain these formerly bogus DNS servers to give folks time to straighten out the malware, and that gig is up July 9.  So - you no fixy, you no internety.

The American malware detection site can be found here. If that doesn't work, you can also try the Australian version. These sites have been off and on all week, so if they don't work try again later.

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Your Solutions Team

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