It’s a dark and stormy morning and you’ve just started to begin your day. Just as you are about to head to your car, a text lights up your phone:

“Power out at office, not sure how long will be out” they say. “Work from home.”

That's exactly what happened to a client of ours recently.


The Evolving Office

The words “work from home” would have been synonymous with “we can’t get anything done today, so you might as well stay at home and watch daytime TV;” but not anymore.

Since our clients work in a fully hosted virtual environment - including phones and servers - they were able to support their customers and work just as they would have if they were in the office. They can confidently say that no phone calls were missed and no productivity was lost on that day.


Maintain Business Continuity

Improved business continuity and workflow are some of the first things on the mind of businesses looking to move to a fully hosted environment. In an interview with, Wes Wasson, CMO of Citrix, had this to say about business continuity in the cloud:

“If there is a work disruption, the company doesn’t have to set up anything new; people do things exactly the same way that they do every day. Mobile and cloud technologies are the Holy Grail when work disruptions occur” he said, adding that "on any device they could log in and the service was there and they could access whatever they needed for work".

While power outages are not a frequent occurrence, this example serves to highlight the fact that hosted solutions almost always prevent unnecessary downtime. With SureOffice™, our clients are equipped with remotely hosted virtual workstations that deliver a fast and reliable network environment with guaranteed 99.9% availability.

When workers rely on IT to perform their day-to-day tasks, shouldn't they be able to access it from anywhere? We respond with a resounding "yes."

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