You would create a list of articles when you want to set up a section list on the home page in order to have a quick summary of posts of the same type (such as classifieds, job posts, etc). This process will allow just a few posts to show on the homepage, with a clickable Section heading that will take you to the full complete list of posts of that type.

Just follow these steps:


Create a Section

  • Go to the Admin Panel →Section Tags
  • Create a New Section


Create a Section List

  • Add a section list (list of posts) called "Section Name (more...)" with only 2, 3, or 4 items listed. Then, affiliate it with the section you've just created.
  • Add a custom link to the "list of posts" to "Section Name" with unlimited items. Affiliate it with the Section by the same name.
  • Add a link to the section in an appropriate location on the main menu.
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