SureMail offers enterprise-level email security at a fraction of the cost. Aside from our wide range of features, the greatest security benefit of SureMail is your peace of mind. Simply put, we act as the “gatekeepers” so you don’t have to. The days of worrying about email security are over – here’s why.


Filtering, Backup, and Encryption

Tired of sorting through junk email to get to the data that matters most? With SureMail, we remove spam, viruses, spyware, and fraudulent emails before they reach your inbox so you don’t have to.

No time for backups? No Problem! With SureMail, backups are performed every night and stored offsite, password protected, and saved for four weeks. This means you no longer have to worry about email recoverability. After all, that’s our job.

Are you worried about e-mails falling into the wrong hands? We don’t blame you. Privacy is a huge concern at most businesses, which is why SureMail supports 128-bit encryption via HTTPS to protect your connection to our facility.


Onsite Security and Physical Integrity

Hackers are getting clever – that’s why you need an email system that stays one step ahead of them. For hacker defense, SureMail utilizes 24/7 system monitoring and master system administrators using Cisco IOS Firewall and Microsoft Internet Security Acceleration (ISA) Servers. Not only do these tools protect you from hackers by securing your networks, but they improve the overall performance of your server as well.

Unstable voltage or abrupt power failure can easily cause a network server to crash. As part of your disaster recovery plan, you can rest assured that no physical calamity to your office location will cause any interruption to your email services. That’s because your mail server is housed in our fortified datacenter with 24/7 surveillance, built-in disaster recovery procedures, and multiple 24/7 staffed access points. Think of it as your personal email fortress.


Strong Access Controls

Client privacy is one of our biggest concerns; this is why we have strong client confidentiality protections enforced contractually and procedurally. Valuable personal information like account login credentials are not discoverable by staff. These passwords and credentials are known to each client user only. Furthermore, master system admin access is restricted to two executives with auditable access logs of any access for troubleshooting or repair. In no event will any client data be read or disclosed by staff.



Enjoy a more secure, reliable, available, and powerful email system at a lower initial and total cost.

Check out why so many businesses have already made the switch to SureMail today!

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