SureDesk User Guide

SureDesk Pro (Using Citrix)
Find out how to install and use Citrix, the program that allows you to access the SureDesk™ Standard.
SureDesk Basic (Using RDP)
Signed up for SureDesk™ Basic? Find out how how to access your desktop through Remote Desktop Program (RDP).

Learn all about your SureDesk™ password.

Find out how to access files from SureFiles™, your computer and more.

Release Notes
Latest updates to the SureDesk™ environment.

Tips and Tricks
SureDesk - SureMail
Usability: Logging off/Disconnecting - Connection Interrupted - Text Readability - Restoring files
Internet: Compatibility Mode - Pop-Up Blocker
Software: Adobe Crashes - QuickBooks Tips - Outlook Customization - Uninstalling Citrix