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Disconnecting leaves your SureDesk™ open and running so you can connect without launching the SureDesk™ again. You can leave programs running on your SureDesk™. As long as you return to your SureDesk™ within the idle Log Off time window, all your programs and documents will still be running when you reconnect. If you do not expect to return within two hours your should either increase your Log Off time window by contacting support, or you should Log Off and not use disconnect.


There are several ways to disconnect:






  • You can go to the Citrix bar on top and click disconnect. This leaves your SureDesk™ open and running on our servers.
  • If your SureDesk is in windowed mode you can also disconnect by hitting the 'X' in the top right of your SureDesk™.
  • In the Citrix web panel you hover over the Log Off button in the upper right hand corner. Click disconnect.






    Logging Off SureDesk™

    Logging off completely shuts down the SureDesk™ similar to shutting down a regular computer. This will end the SureDesk™ session and end all programs that were running. If you expect to be gone for longer than two hours or are ending your work day please use this option.

    To log off your SureDesk™ completely you will need to follow the following steps:

    1. Click on Start Menu.
    2. Click Log Off.
    3. Your SureDesk™ will now shut down properly.


    Logging off on the web panel

    If you already disconnected from your SureDesk™ you can log off the SureDesk™ from the Citrix Web Panel at Log in using your username and password.

    Once logged in you will need to click Log Off in the upper right hand corner. This will log you out of the Citrix Web Panel but also shut down any active SureDesk™ session in progress.

    Please note that the log off function can be altered in Settings. The default setting will log you off the web panel and shut down any active SureDesk™ you have running. The setting can be changed to only log you off the web panel and will not shut down any active SureDesk™. You can learn how to change settings here.