Dear SureDesk™ Users,

At 8:45 am EST this morning we identified an issue interfering with SureDesk usage for some users. A pop up message from our systems reported a “Server Certificate out of date. Connection dropped” error.

Our engineers researched and were able to identify an issue with one of the certificates and resolved the issue by 9:30. The resolution took approximately 45 minutes to take effect across all servers. At 10:22 am EST we were able to confirm that the update had resolved the issues and usage had been restored for all effected users. We are putting additional monitoring systems in place to avoid any downtime from a certificate issue again.

We strive for better than 99.9% uptime and are glad to report that over past 6 month we continue to exceed this service estimate.


If you have any questions, please email This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  or call 1-800-882-8701 x1.



Thank You,

- Your SureTech™ Solutions Team

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