Mark Gartenfeld
Mark Gartenfeld
VP Solutions
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Mark is a veteran of the IT evolution that has occurred in the past 30+ years. With a career that includes hardware, software, consulting, tech support and training, Mark has seen it all. Positions at major institutions like The Blackstone Group and Oracle / BEA Systems have given Mark the chance to implement large and complex systems. While consulting, training and tech support jobs have allowed Mark to become finely attuned to what small and medium-sized businesses need and want.
Mark trained to be an English teacher at Northwestern University, only to find a home in IT by answering an ad in the Washington Post. Since then his career has included operating mainframe computers, writing Cobol code, training PC novices, performing and managing tech support teams, implementing software solutions and much more.
Mark’s strength is his ability to communicate clearly and openly (maybe it’s the English teacher in him) and to empathize with customers and get their problems solved.

What is your greatest skill?
I’m a good dad to my two boys.

Who’s your favorite person?
Jill (my wife)

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
GOLF!!! Any time, any where.

Your favorite teams, players?
New York Giants, New York Mets, Phil Mickelson, Harry Carson, Walt Frazier, Odell Beckham, Victor Cruz, Matt Harvey.

What’s your favorite movie?
Check my Facebook picture and you will find the answer.