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Is Your Anti Virus Protecting You? 


Data security, access and redundancy are our number one priroty for our customers.  No AntiVirus is full proof, but having SureTech centrally manage the antivirus for our customers adds a layer of protection that truly pays off.


For example, in a standard popular consumer antivirus, a security hole in Trend Micro AntiVirus software shows how easily computers can be hijacked by security holes in tools we trust.  While Trend Micro has since come up with a patch fix, ensuring the patch is installed required that users successfully push this update themselves.  It also created an incredible hole in data access for their customers.


SureTech's SNAP TND offering includes centrally managed antivirus software solution for our customers so we can ensure security updates have been applied and notify customers if they have not gone through.  Furthermore, we are always looking at what AntiVirus is having the best results and can switch to new offering when we want.  Customers always get the benefit of what we are finding most effective.  Rather than being locked in to their own long term contract for AntiVirus directly, thus unable to switch if a better option is on the market.


Currently SureTech SNAP TND uses Webroot with integrated Malware scanning, which is light on processing and trending to his includes ensuring security patch udpates.

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It is our pleasure to be supporting your IT Solutions.   


Your SureTech Solutions Team 


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