Tom Saleh
Tom has been a leading entrepreneur in the computer industry for more than three decades, during which time he has founded seven successful high-technology companies, and influenced the success of several more. His first company, Applied Logic, an early provider of Managed Hosting Services, was acquired by Raytheon in 1980. He next founded XNET Corp., creating the first fully automated financial futures and commodities exchange which was acquired by the International Futures and Commodities Exchange in 1983. Following XNET, Tom founded American Real Time Services (ARTS), which developed and operated market data, trading and information delivery networks for many large financial services firms including Citibank, Prudential Securities, AG Edwards, Charles Schwab, SG Cowen, McDonald Securities, and Fidelity Investments. ARTS was acquired by Reuters in 1993, where Tom held the title of Senior Vice President of New Business Development. In 1997, he founded NetworkTwo which acquired ADP network assets and, at that time, was one of the largest ISPs in the US. Network Two was acquired by McLeodUSA in 1999. In 2001, Tom founded Erevu to develop a policy driven Virtual Machine based compliance and security product. Erivu was acquired by Aladdin Systems, which became part of His research on Policy Driven Security and Cloud Computing technologies led to the formation of FlexiSphere, a company specifically focused on delivering highly managed and ultra-secure turnkey computing to selected verticals including financial services, legal, and transportation. In 2012, Tom became a founding member and Chairman of STAX, the first exchange focused on the trading of asset backed securities for the transportation and energy sectors. In addition to founding successful companies, Tom has served as a strategic consultant and senior adviser to various organizations including NASDAQ, NYSE, FASB, Safeway Supermarkets, and Telmar. He has served as a director of five venture backed corporations and advises several private equity funds.


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