Post Mortem of Outage – 09/06/2018

Description of Outage:

At 5 PM ET on 9/6/2018 we identified that one of our Standard server pool servers had an unexpected shutdown.  Anyone on that server immediately had a session closed and all work in progress was closed as well.  This issue was isolated only to users on that specific server in the pool.  The shutdown only affected 10 users in our pool environment as we run small redundant pool servers for optimal performance. 


Outage Review:

Affected users were immediately able to log back in.  However, any open work in progress had been closed.  We determined that the cause of the shutdown was a critical software failure which was isloated to that server. 



During our scheduled maintenance the same night we updated the software that had failed.  After testing and reviewing the system we believe the issue is now fully resolved.

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