David McKinnis
David has been working with and programming computers since he was introduced to a Hewlett-Packard programmable calculator in junior high school. Since then he has programmed many different computers in a variety of languages (some of which are even still useful). He attended Yale University and, after graduation, went to work for what was then a small-software company in Redmond, WA. - Microsoft. In his thirteen years at Microsoft he had the opportunity to work on a variety of software projects in the Office Development Group. David held a variety of positions at Microsoft including Development Team Lead and Development Manager. After he left Microsoft, he started David McKinnis Consulting to help non-profits and small businesses use technology more effectively.

Who am I?
So much to say with so little space - a devoted father and husband, a runner and life-long learner. Someone who believes that people and life give back to you what you give to them.

All Time Favorite Gadget
Palm Tungsten E2

Favorite Vacation Spot? Why?
Kauai, Hawaii (though it's been a long time since I've been there). A beautiful island and a place that (when I last visited it at least) wasn't as built up as some other beautiful places.

What do you do at SureTech?
I play a number of roles. I try to look at the big picture of how we are going to successfully deliver the right set of technologies to our customers. I work on managing our technology projects to ensure they are delivered on time. And I also do a fair amount of work on the server-side technologies we deliever.

Favorite Blog?

Favorite Website?

What do you want clients to know about technology?
Technology is not a cure for everything. Sometimes it can be the problem rather than the solution.