I just picked up “Love is the Killer App” at a café wherein Tim Sanders describes love as the ultimate competitive weapon in business. I have a friend who’s making a go for the fourth year working at home with her husband so they can be close to the kids. And now a claim for change to equality and justice has won our presidential election. Has the world gone sugary sweet on us?

I have nothing against corporations or even republican conservatism. But neither the means nor the end ever seemed as important to me as the manner of the journey; and love, equality and justice have always felt like better principles for a manner than achievement, winning and owning for their sake alone. These fundamentals that ring so true in every heart seemed absent often from the rhetoric of success I’d often hear.

But sometimes getting out into the sun reveals more scenery than you guess. I met two brothers yesterday, who described themselves as the original LinkedIn. Though they sold insurance, most of their day was connecting people and businesses to each other and to funding. Their courting of VCs and VC target companies was strategic, to be sure, but a complete indirection to selling insurance. The direction was to expand their network, to participate in community and thereby simply by being known, succeed at insurance.

Almost be existing they are flourishing, Sum Ergo Sum.  This strikes me as a lot more productive than fighting to convince a client of my value. By sharing it is easier to receive, and we get to more malt syrup – or is it? It’s easier to believe in love and sharing when everybody with the nice houses isn’t saying – list the 10 new things you want to buy, then devise a plan to get the money.

The entire open source movement in software is built on a type of this Malt and sometimes the ideas flourish and sometimes they don’t, but they again validate the manner.  Learning to apply the manner, like the brothers did in insurance is a great cause I believe for

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