My church records it's Sunday morning services so we can put the sermon on our website for people to listen to who miss a Sunday. I'm in charge of getting the CompactFlash card out of the recorder, bringing it home, editing the audio down to the sermon, and placing it on the website. Last week I realized I couldn't find the CF card from the previous Sunday. I have three that I rotate through (so I have two at home and one in the recorder) so it wasn't a big deal, except it meant I had missed the service. I kept looking around and I knew it would turn up. And today, it did (exactly where I was afraid it would). When I pulled on my pants I felt something in my pocket - a nicely washed and dried SanDisk CF card.

Thankfully, I do keep the CF cards in their plastic case, but I was dubious about whether the card would make it through. I looked the card over and it didn't look damaged. So, I plugged it in to my card reader thinking that it might actually work and - surprise, surprise - it did. The audio looks just fine and I'll get it edited shortly.

Using Google to search for "Compact Flash cards in water" turned up this story about a much more abused card than mine. Guess I didn't really have any reason to worry about it working.