Experience the Power of the Cloud

Cloud computing is the rage these days.  Most everyone uses some form of a "cloud" solution such as google mail or google apps.

SureTech.com offers professional level hosted solutions for your entire desktop in the cloud. Our virtual desktops and cloud computing and data centers bring you a full Enterprise Desktop from anywhere you want to work.  

Invest In What Matters Most

Your data is precious, hardware is disposable.  Simplify.

Rather than investing in the hardware, we know that computers sometimes fail, but with cloud solutions we offer automated automatic backups of your data and offsite redundancy.  This reduces costs and protects what matters most, your data and workflow.  Just listen to our customers:

"My SureDesk™ keeps my business up and running. I had a computer failure at 1 pm and by 3 pm that employee was back up and working on a new machine.   My employee was even able to work from another workstation with minimal interruption while we went out to purchase a new machine.  They logged on to their SureDesk™ and the document they had been working on when their physical computer crashed was just where they left it.  The total cost to me to get them set up again was just $150 for a new CPU."

Gary Eisenkraft – President, Eisenkraft CPA Consulting Services

Hardware is Expensive Data is Irreplaceable

Servers are expensive, high maintenance and high risk.  The value rapidly depreciates and management is a headache.  What is the real cost of IT?

We can offer a hosted file server, hosted MS Exchange server and automated backup and disaster recovery so you don't have the hardware costs or headaches and just the benefits of a functioning server with data accessible from Anwhere. Anytime.

IT Budgets Should be Predictable

Many standard IT companies make their money from your system failure.    

We can provide fixed-price, unlimited support for our cloud solutions so you'll always know what you will spend on IT.  What do I get for my IT budget?

Experience the Benefits

  • One point of contact for all your IT solutions
  • The right solutions with the right training to maximize the effectiveness of your team and workflow
  • The latest upgrades ensuring you are benefiting from the continual productivity gains offered in IT
  • Full-time professionals and enterprise infrastructure to keep things running and to support your business as you grow
  • Cost clarity - with one invoice you'll know exactly what you are spending on technology
  • Cost predictability - all our Cloud Solutions cover all troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades for a fixed monthly fee
  • Cost Savings - our total cost for better, faster, smarter systems is easily 20%-40% lower than you would pay to manager you own smaller, slower, older systems.  See our ROI
  • Accountability and Continuity - if you ever have a problem you have one place to call - and your satisfaction is guarantee
  • Reliability - get back 4 days of productive workflow a year!  Most small businesses are out at least 4 days a year.  We'll get you to 4 hours or less of unscheduled interruptions a year.

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