SureMail™ MS Exchange Outage

Your MS Exchange is fully recovered after Tuesday's service outage.  All data has been fully recovered to your mailbox with no loss of data.

The issue we experienced was precipitated by a problem with an HP Storage Area Network that caused an enclosure with 12-drives to fail.  Our work to recover from this was followed by an additional drive failure during the rebuild of the degraded array that hosted your mailbox, causing a catastrophic failure in the array.  

Please note we regularly deal with upgrades, maintenance and occasional hardware failures transparently and without affecting your service.  In this case, however, all data and data redundancy in the production environment was lost causing us to rely on our disaster recovery backup and log systems.

According to this procedure we made your mailboxes available in a 'dial-tone' configuration where you were able to send and receive emails online, but not able to work with older data offline.  Then, the original mailbox data was restored, and the 'dial-tone' emails were merged into the mailboxes providing a full data recovery as of 6:30am Wednesday (yesterday).

We fully realize the interruption this caused and will make additional changes to improve our ability to survive a similar enclosure failure in the future without a similar (or idealy any) service interruption.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during the resolution of this issue.  We continue to work to improve the way we manage all our services, including during emergencies and appreciate your feedback.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or need support please drop us a line at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  or call us at 609-688-1111

- The Solutions Team

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