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Do You feel Overwhelmed by Data, Information and Emails?

You're right, you are overwhelmed.

Essentially infinitely overwhelmed, in fact.

The cost of diseminating information is nearly zero, so information you could never have imagined 20 years ago now finds its way to you.  Storing information is very cheap, so information you would have physically HAD to throw away 20 years ago, now stays with you.

Overwhelmed doesn't even capture the extent of the imbalance between you and the information coming your way, anihalated would be more accurate if it were a battle.

Your only option is not to give up, but fighting is futile.

Even organizing the data is impossible, managing the data flow is impossible.

Here's a graph to show you the futility of managing data:

 A zettabyte is sextillion bytes. That's 21 zeros, kids. Add one zero to get the number of actual information bits.  

For comparison your brain (if you just said no in high school) has about 100 billion cells (11 zeros).  If each cell tried to keep just one bit of data, and that's all your brain did, and didnt' keep track of who you loved, what you wanted to do or take space to admire a sunset, you'd be 11 zeros short of keeping track of the data out there today, and you'd be FALLING FURTHER BEHIND EVERY MINUTE.

Give up trying to store it, don't track it, enjoy ignrorance of 20 zeros and leave space for what you love.

How can yo do this?  How can you let go of information coming at you?  Well for one, you have to, there is no other choice.

But the difference between success and failure is how do you access the 5 gigabytes (6 zeros) that an average knowledge worker users day to day?

Getting access, on demand, to what you need is the challenge and organizing the data is impossible.

The answer is you need systems that filter data for you, you must rely on services that can give you on demand access to the needle you need in the sextillion haystacks out there, and you need that access without knowing in advance that you will need it.

Google (100 zeros) is the preemininte service for this, but in every niche you need your google tools that give you one simple click to what you need.

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