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One of these days I'd love someone to tell me the story of how Minority Report got ahold of the UI for the iPhone 5 years before the iPhone was released.   I'm certain that Iron Man in 2008 and r2 in 2010 are only a matter of years ahead of the 3D UI we can expect in the future.  The UI control mechanisms in these movies are simply beautiful and in my view reflect a deep need to TOUCH our data.  

As far as Intrigue, if you look in Iron Man 2, you'll see his device happens to have the exact same form factor as in iPhone 4.  Somebody has access to the pipeline there, baby!

But apart from intrigue, if you want to see the nitty gritty of the future it's here.  Virtual Reality through a computer is nothing compared to a seamless world where digital and physical will interact, more beautifully and gracefully than Tron could ever imagine.  Start at 50 seconds unless you want to meet Oliver Kreylos, in which case it's worth visiting his channel and seeing all what he's up to:


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