Hackers love to take advantage of big news sensations to introduce new viruses.  Stay away from any Osama photo links or video links.  There are major hack attacks happening particularly through posts right now encouraging friends to click on death videos!  Read more below via

Beware of email, websites with 'bin Laden's death video'

SCHENECTADY - A quick Google search about Osama bin Laden leads to pictures of what appears to be a dead bin Laden. Law enforcement officials say those websites could introduce viruses into your computer system.

The FBI is also warning computer users about unsolicited emails reportedly showing photos and videos of bin Laden's killing. Plus, questionable links started showing up on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Officials say cyber criminals have been luring computer users with promises of bin Laden's death photos in an effort to spread viruses.

Computer expert Tush Nikollaj from Logical Net in Schenectady said he's not surprised hackers are taking advantage of one the world's biggest news events.

"It really stirs up a lot of activity among hackers out there to create websites that say hey come to my site we've got real life photos of what happened," said Nikollaj.

What's really happening, according to Nikollaj, is that you're being directed to malicious pages that could install software on your computer without your knowledge.

"It could be as malicious as crash your entire system to turning your computer into an attack system," he said.

Your computer will go on the attack by using your own contact list to send out email to your friends and family members with the virus attached. If you don't have a good anti-virus program and your computer's been infected, Nikollaj says shut it down and take it to a local computer shop for inspection.

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