If you want to add an image to page you can upload an image from your computer or use an image already uploaded to the server.

  • Click on the picture image  in the content editor tool bar.
  • If the image you want to use is already on the server click Browse in the Image Info tab and search for the image file name.
  • If it is NOT on the server, In the Image Properties pop up box click on the Upload tab.


  • Click Browse...
  • Find the image you want to upload
  • Click Send it to the Server
  • On the first tab, Image Info, of the Image Properties pop up window the newly uplaoded image should automatically appear in the URL field.
  • Select the size you want the image to be
  • Choose if you want the image aligned left, right center, etc.
  • Click Ok at bottom of Pop Up Window
  • If the image does not look like you want it to, click on the image and click on the Picture Window again and you can edit the size or orientation of the image.

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