The Rising Flexible Work Force

By 2013, an overwhelming 93% of organizations will offer a flexible work policy. SureOffice clients are already starting to see the business benefits of a flexible work force. Help your organization adapt to the modern flexible work environment by checking out the Citrix Brief found below.

*10 Ways to Transform Your Business by Embracing Flexible Work*


While the news brief offers more than enough info for businesses looking to increase their workforce's flexibility, below are some key points we thought were worth pointing out:


Top 3 Benefits:

  1. Ability to get work done from anywhere
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Ability to attract and retain top talent


Why Businesses Adopt:

  1. Reduced IT or business costs
  2. Greater scheduling freedom for employees
  3. Improved support for mobile workforce


Additional Benefits:

  1. A 37% reduction in the length of staff meetings
  2. 6 hours per week saved in commute time; resulting in 4.5 hours re-invested in work
  3. A 43% decrease in interruptions for managers
  4. An increase of 90 minutes of planning, goal setting, and strategizing per week for supervisors


Are you looking to increase your businesses flexibility? Our SureOffice Solutions give you fully-hosted Windows 7 desktops available wherever you are, whenever you want, and from any device you may be working on. Stay competitive by cutting ties to your physical work station – contact us for a demo today! 

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