In short, Massmind Portal provides:

  • A robust content management system
  • A community management system to promote participation of your audience with your website
  • Broadcast tools to communicate via email with your audience
  • Integration into a larger network through which we can easily promote your content, events, and promotion ideas


Our Unique Approach

We promote membership generated bottom-up participation in organizational discussion. This strategy ensures greater participation and use as opposed to traditional centrally broadcast or "top-down" communications to groups and audiences that are expensive and require staff to administer.


Massmind Portal Overview

  • “Virtual Commons” for every class and alumni group integrated under the umbrella of YaleNet.
  • Integration with AYA services and Yale databases and web applications from (universal login) to
  • Include an electronic broadcast channel as well as bulletin board and discussion tools.
  • Encourage contributions from all interested members through easy to use posting, allowing these spontaneous contributions to connect the entire membership. Since participation reflects the natural interest of the group, there is minimal editorial expense for collecting an ever-increasing amount of compelling content.
  • Increase participation rates among currently inactive constituents by facilitating easy periodic electronic communications.
  • Provide centralized membership contact management with online access available to any authorized client administrators.
  • Provide a fully “hosted” technology that requires no technical expertise or resources from the client.


Massmind Portal Features

  • Ease of use and simple implementation
  • No technical expertise is required by the customer, group, or end-user for installation or maintenance.
  • Email Newsletter management
  • Customizable customer profile and relationship management data
  • Member log-in for restricted access
  • Staff and member profiles (Facebook)
  • User-driven events and activity calendar
  • User-driven, attractive, and easy to use bulletin boards
  • User-driven creation of Ad-hoc affinity groups
  • Online event reservations
  • Online event, dues, and subscriptions payments with credit card
  • Customizable classified ads
  • Customizable security control levels
  • Site searchable by keywords
  • Any level of customized look and feel can be delivered
  • All component services can be individually enabled or disabled
  • Ability to send and receive content from any web location (RSS feed)


First Beta Site

  • exists with 100% community participation
  • There is no central organization at all on this site – the content is produced entirely from the membership and it receives 10 posts a week.


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