Dear SureDesk Customer:


Some users may have experienced issues connecting to the gateway to login to your SureDesk from starting at approximately 2 pm EST on September 10, 2012. 


During this time, the SureDesk service itself was fully functioning and for any users already logged in you would not have experienced any issues.


The issue getting connected was due to one of the DNS connection points for the SureDesk connection that routes through GoDaddy. 


Go Daddy has experienced a widespread outage today for all their services.  Please see latest from CBS news for reference:


For many users the issue has been resolved.  


If you continue to have issues connecting, be sure to refresh your browser.  We expect Go Daddy to fully resolve their issue by tomorrow. 


If you have trouble connecting, you can keep trying and be sure to refresh your browser.  Once you establish a connection to your SureDesk, that connection will be solid.  As noted above, there was no issue with the SureDesk service itself once connection is established. does not use Go Daddy for any of the website management we support for our customers.  We will also be removing any points of management for the DNS settings now for the SureDesk as well to ensure this issue does not happen again.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


-The Solutions Team

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