Dear SureMail™ Customers,

We are happy to report the SureMail slowness issues some users experienced earlier today has been resolved.

The problem was caused by an update to 1 of our 5 anti-virus engines triggering a condition on 2 of our Exchange 2010 mailbox servers that resulted in a service outage for mailboxes located on those servers. The condition was first reported at 10:45 AM EST and due to the complex nature of the issue, it took until 11:23 AM EST to resume normal mailbox access on one of the servers and until 11:38 AM EST to normal mailbox access on the second server. There may have been some lag time for some users to feel the full effects of the fix.

For the future, we have fixed the way these updates are triggered. Furthermore, we are adding several system monitors so that we can detect and resolve this type of issue right away should it come up again in the future.

If you are still experiencing any delays or issues with your email, please contact our HelpDesk support so we can help you right away at 1-800-882-8701 x1 or This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript

-Your SureTech™ Solutions Team

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