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With the increasing frequency of heavy storms in the Northeast, we want to ensure our customers have some good steps for Business Continuity in face of storms.  


In preparation for power loss we recommend that you:

- Power down all workstations, printers, scanners, etc.

- Unplug any equipment if not plugged into a surge protector

- If flooding is a possibility, take all electronics off of the floor

- Perform or enforce an offsite backup to ensure your data exists outside your place of business.

- Move essential services away from windows.

- If you have a UPS unit or generator, test these units before the end of today. If units fail, take appropriate actions to eliminate load.

- Check the fuel level of your generator.

SureOffice Products including SureMail, SureDesks and SureBack should not be impacted by storms in our secure data centers. 


As always, we appreciate any introductions to businesses we might help Kick IT to the Cloud anytime.

The American Red Cross offers great overal tips for Storm Preparedness.

And CSO Magazine has a thorough discussion of all Business Continuity planning you should think about.

We are proud that all of our SNAP Certified Clients had minimal downtime during the latest storm and more importantly came back online without a hitch when power was restored!




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